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Frequently Asked Questions (please read before calling the clinic)

1. Will the clinic close?

No, we will be open to transition Dr Gooden and Dr Reddy’s patients until October 26th.

We will also try our best to rotate locums for episodic care and more urgent access (if any physicians are left) for the foreseeable future; these may even include Dr Gooden and Dr Reddy.

2. I already have an appointment booked - will I still have the appointment?

Yes - your appointment will not change and we will contact you if there are any schedule changes in the coming 3 months.

3. I am a patient with Dr. Stankova - what about me?

You will be able to see Dr Stankova by calling the clinic to book an appointment.

She has not resigned.

4. Will Lynette Wohlgemuth, NP still be at Reflections Medical Clinic?

Yes - she will continue to provide Nurse Practitioner services under her PCN contract, and medical aesthetic services in her private capacity.

5. How can I get my chart?

Please have your new physician fax us a signed consent to release your chart to them. These are then sent via encryption (fax) to your new doctor. Normally, this does cost the patient a few dollars for the admin involved, but Dr Gooden and Dr Reddy will not be charging in the next 6 months only.

6. Where can I find a new family doctor?


7. How do I change the state of healthcare in Alberta?

Get your voice heard at https://bit.ly/my-mla

While we understand you have questions, please remember to be kind during this difficult time as staff may be busier than usual. We will do our best to give you the usual time and attention your issues deserve.

A friendly reminder that verbal, physical and emotional abuse is not tolerated by this office.

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